Phun Factory

presented by Moises Baez


This is a web game that was created using ImpactJS. Snake is a classic game that can be used to learn the basics about a framework or library that you will use to create a game. Development was quick and proved to be a fun way of getting to learn more about ImpactJS from scratch.

Used: Javascript, ImpactJS

Black Friday

Black Friday was developed as part of GameJolt's "Chaos" contest. The game took about 10 days of development time (the time limit for the contest). Some of the 3D models were designed by myself specifically for the game during that 10 day period.

Used: C#, Unity, Blender

Rocket Glider

Originally developed in XNA for the Windows Store, Rocket Glider is a casual single-player arcade style game. Just like an arcade game it incorporates a highscore leaderboard which was stored through an online database. Later on I re-created the game using Unity and is now playable on a Windows machine.

Used: C#, XNA, Unity, PHP, MySQL